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Water Coconut

Tropical Import

Water Coconut

[waw-ter koh-kuh-nuht]

Available: April thru October

Water coconuts or green coconuts are prosperous here in the sandy soil of sunny South Florida.  It thrives in our humid climate. It’s thought to have originated from Malaysia and spread all over by currents. Coconuts are lightweight and water resistant, which means they are able to keep themselves afloat on the water surface.

The coconut is actually a drupe, and not in the actual nut family as many would assume. A drupe, or stone fruit (mangos and dates) consists of three layers: the exocarp (the skin), the mesocarp, (which represents the husk of the fruit), and the endocarp (the inner layer).

Fresh green coconuts or water coconuts are gaining popularity because they contain coconut water and are so very nutritious. It helps to lower blood pressure because of its potassium content, improves digestion, is a natural energy drink, high in fiber, and contains fewer carbs than most apples, which is beneficial if you are on a low-carb diet.  It also can be added to things as a natural sweetener. They are a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal.

Did I also mention they are just plain delicious?