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Powerful Harvest



Available: Year Round

PLU 4052

Why So Powerful: Our fresh Powerful Harvest Papayas offer a multitude of health benefits. They aid in digestion, are a natural anti-inflammatory, help the body detox, and greatly benefit cardiovascular health. They are also chock full of vitamins. They are high in vitamin C, vitamin B, fiber, and digestive enzymes… and not to mention they are dee-lish!

Our papayas are the Tainung variety of papaya. They’re grown in Guatemala and Belize and are available year round. Their color is breaking yellow and will ripen beautifully once in the home. Our solo variety of papayas are smaller papayas, usually 8-10 ounces in size. They are air shipped from Brazil.
During certain times of the year we also offer green cooking papayas grown locally here in Miami Dade County. Ask your representative for availability.

Papayas that are chosen in full yellow color should be enjoyed within a day or two. Papayas that are breaking – or green and yellow, should be fully ripened at room temperature and then placed in the refrigerator where they should keep fresh for 4-7 days. Green papayas should only be chosen for cooking as they will not ripen or sweeten. Papayas should be chosen fairly clean. A few spots will not indicate any internal quality issues. Papayas with very large soft spots or areas of decay should be avoided.
Papayas should be stored at 50 – 55º F. Our Tainung Papayas are packed in 38lb. cardboard cartons and the counts range from 6 – 14ct. Solo Papayas are shipped in a 10lb. flat and most commonly count 8-12ct. Green cooking papayas are available in 50lb. cartons. Papayas are an ethylene producer.

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The Worlds Healthiest Foods.org and the George Mateljan Foundation

Papaya Growing in the Florida Landscape, Dr. Johnathan Crane
University of Florida IFAS Extension