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Florida Grown


[mah-mey, -mee]

Available: May thru July

Mamey was first recognized during the early 16th century in Panama. It is found to be growing throughout Central America, Northern South America, and is prominent throughout the Caribbean Islands and the Bahamas. Through scattering of seeds, it is even found to be growing wild among roadsides and fields. When discovered it was regarded as a special fruit of The New World, it was brought to England and grown in Greenhouses. The trees are respected not only for their fruit but also for ornamental appreciation and even for the windbreak characteristics. The trees grow very large and so are very susceptible to hurricane damage. Some of the largest fruiting trees are kept by botanical gardens here in Florida where researchers graft seedlings for sale and propagation. Acreage in SouthDade County, Florida is used primarily for commercial production.

The Mamey is ready to eat when it yields to gentle pressure. It is a very rich tasting fruit with a very unique and distinct tropical flavor. Many enjoy Mamey raw, either alone or with other tropical fruits. It is widely used in desserts and shakes or “batidos”. It can be steeped in wine and sugar or steamed with a bit of sugar and lime. It bakes well, in custards, pies, and tarts. It freezes fine and can be made into ice cream. The options of enjoying this tropical treat are endless.

Mamey fruit is generally available throughout the warmer months of summer and fall. We commonly pack Mamey into 25 pound cartons but we can offer alternate size packages such as 10 pound cartons upon request.


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Mamey Sapote From Florida
University of Florida IFAS Extension