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Key Lime

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Key Lime

[kee lahym]

Available: Year Round

Like so many tropical fruits, key limes are native to Southeast Asia. Spanish explorers to the West Indies surely brought this citrus with them. The cultivation has spread through most of the Caribbean and tropical and sub – tropical Latin America, the Southern United States, and Mexico. This is a very popular dooryard tree throughout our region. However, Florida and the Florida Keys surprisingly do not produce key limes commercially. Rather, Mexico is one of the largest commercial producers of key limes in the Western Hemisphere.

Key limes probably became famous here in the United States for their being the fruit to flavor key lime pie. While the Florida Keys sell plenty of key lime pies, the dessert remains popular all over the Americas. Key limes are a small lime about 10 to 16 cm in circumference. They are strong and aromatic, very tart and acidic, and contain several seeds. They are well known for their strong flavor and are popular for adding flavor to many meat dishes, deserts, and beverages.

Our key limes are available year round. We have bulk 40 pound sacks or cartons, 10 pound loose cartons, 10 x 1 pound bags in cartons, and 17 x 2 pound bags in cartons.


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