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Why So Powerful: Our Powerful Harvest Coconuts are naturally full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that help to improve digestion, promote healthy looking hair and skin, and support the development of strong bones and teeth. The milk, juice, meat, and oil that comes from this superfood have nourished populations all over the world for generations. Its milk is one of the highest sources of electrolytes. They are rich in lauric acid, are anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral! Our Coconuts promote healthy thyroid function and help improve digestive disorders. Oh, and to top off all of its wonderful qualities, our Powerful Harvest Coconut is Non-GMO!

Coconuts are another widely grown tropical fruit or in this case, “nut”. They grow all over the world in tropical climates. Coconut palms need sandy soil to aid drainage or they can suffer from root rot. This is why they grow well along coast lines, where drainage is exceptional and they don’t suffer from salt spray and other harsh coastal conditions. Coconut palms spread well by themselves since their coconuts, if not harvested, will eventually drop to the ground, germinate, and produce a young plant.

Coconuts, when harvested, have a hard husk, which is usually removed for commercial markets. Under this husk is a brown or tan hairy covering – over a hard shell or “nut”. These coconuts are usually sold “young” or dried. The white flesh inside the young coconuts is usually not as firm as a dried coconut and is more easily removed. They will also usually contain more coconut milk – which is a watery liquid used in all kinds of recipes, as well as served as a cold drink.

Coconuts should be firm and free from cracks. Their three “eyes” should be free from mold or any other indication of leaks. They should slosh when shaken, indicating they have the coconut milk intact. Many coconuts are lightly scored around the middle with a “groove”, which aids in cracking them open. Once the shell is broken into several pieces, the white flesh inside the coconut can be carefully sliced away and used in many tropical recipes and deserts or eaten out of hand fresh.

We offer coconuts in sacks or cartons. Sacks are available with 40 count or 50 count regular coconuts. Cartons are available with 24 count or 30 count regular coconuts, or 24 count grooved coconuts.

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