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Chayote Squash

Tropical Imports

Chayote Squash

[chahy-oh-tee skwawsh]

Available: Year Round

PLU 4761

Chayote Squash comes from the Cucurbitaceae gourd family – and is closely related to melons, cucumbers, and squash. The squash originated in Mexico it is extremely popular throughout Central America. Chayote continues to be produced in Mexico although the largest commercial exporting nation is Costa Rica. It has one central seed or “pith” that although commonly separated from the flesh, may also be eaten. The skin is from dark green to light green and may sometimes be almost white. The skin is generally smooth or with fine or rough ridges. Chayote grows tall with large broad leaves that canopy over the fruit. The plant will grow best supported with a trellis system.

Chayote has a very mild and delicate flavor. It may be cut up raw and added to salads or it also may be steamed or boiled, fried, or even pickled. Serve chayote squash with seasonings such as garlic and salt and pepper. Chayote may be substituted for summer squash in any recipe. Choose chayote that is not sprouting and is free from decay. Store between 41º – 50º F.

Our chayote squash is available in 60 count cartons or 24ct. flats.


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