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Available: Year Round

PLU 4760

Calabaza squash or ‘Pumpkin” is a Hispanic favorite. It’s also been called “West Indian Pumpkin” or “Cuban Squash.” It is cultivated throughout Central and South America. Right here in Florida it is one of the three major tropical vegetables grown. However, most of the commercial volume comes from Panama, Costa Rica, and Dominican Republic.

Calabaza can be round or pear shaped, usually with a speckled surface which may be green, tan, or orange, or a combination of all of these colors. The bright orange flesh has a sweet taste and becomes very smooth once cooked. It can be halved and baked and then mashed with butter and garlic, or it can be peeled and cut up and boiled, or it can be cut up and added to soups and stews. The calabaza’s wonderful bright color adds presentation to many dishes.

Calabaza should be stored at room temperature where it will keep for approximately one month. If cut up and tightly covered, it can keep for about a week.

Calabaza is available in 35lb. cartons or 50lb. Nylon Sacks.


South Florida Tropicals – Calabaza
University of Florida IFAS Extension

Calabaza – Cucurbita moschata
University of Florida IFAS Extension