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Powerful Harvest



Available: Mid-June thru Mid-March

Avocado Double – 16ct, 18ct – PLU 4223
Avocado Double – 20ct, 24ct – PLU 4771
Avocado Double – 28ct – PLU 4221
Avocado Flat – 12ct – PLU 4771
Avocado Flat – 14ct – PLU 4221

Why So Powerful: Our green-skin Florida Avocados are packed with all kinds of health benefits and have been Non-GMO Project Verified! They are high in fiber with 9g and have 35% more potassium than a banana, which, helps protect against eye disease. They help to lower bad cholesterol, are a natural anti-inflammatory, nourish the skin, and promote healthy bones. This fantastic superfood is heart healthy, an immune system booster, and can even help aid in weight loss. Our Powerful Harvest Avocados are a deliciously healthy addition to your plate!

With warm, humid, subtropical weather, South Florida is an ideal place for tropical fruits like avocados to grow. First cultivated throughout South America, Central America and the Caribbean, West Indian and West India –Guatemalan Hybrid varieties are the most common here. MiamiDade County actually grows 99% of all avocados grown here in Florida. At New Limeco, LLC we grow nearly 800 acres of our own avocados. Our avocados have a wonderful smooth and buttery taste and compliment any tropical meal.

We pack and pick and distribute all the fruit from our groves here in our facility. Many Florida Avocado varieties have lower oil content than some other varieties of avocados available, usually 3 – 15 %. Our fruit ranges in shape in size and can weigh several ounces all the way up to 3 or 4 pounds! Our avocados are packed in single layer (13lb. minimum) cartons, double layer (26lb. minimum) cartons, Bruce Box (37.5lb. minimum), and 50lb. Cartons. 50lb. Cartons are only allowed in South Florida. Contact your representative for details on shipping 50lb. cartons.

Avocados from Florida mature on the tree but do not mature once harvested. This allows more flexibility in controlling daily packing volume. The Florida Avocado Administrative Committee establishes a picking schedule each year requiring a minimum size and weight for each commercial variety being picked. This ensures our customers receive properly matured fruit. Avocados should be stored at an average temperature of 45º F. They can be softened to eat by keeping out at room temperature for a few days until they yield to gentle pressure. If slicing avocados for garnish or salads, lightly brush them with a few drops of lime juice to keep their green color.

Our state of the art avocado cooling and packing facility is brand new and ready for the upcoming season. Our packing system is tested and HACCP certified by Primus Labs for accountability and traceability. These audits are done to assure our customers that our packing procedures are administered keeping food safety a number one priority and our fruit is traceable back to the grove they were harvested from.

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